e-Commerce/ Magento Services

Many businesses present products and services through various ideas. With eCommerce website it is posible to maintain contact with new and existing customers 24/7. Transactions can take place and contact can be done at all hours, in all time zones, and across borders.

To be open 24 hours and available for business - everyone should take advantage of the eCommerce route to accessing markets.

Our experts offer you services to keep your magento website running. Keeping your website up and running is important to your online success. Any problem with your site is can equal lost revenue.

WBizon is based in South Florida. We promptly respond to your requests and help you resolve any issue. We offer support coverage and resources to merchants based on the Magento product you are running.
e-Commerce Custome Websites

  • 100% satisfactory on your web design
  • Planing and research
  • Custome website design by WBizon Experts
  • Multiple designs to select from
  • Website design, development and impelintation
  • No monthly fees - One time cost for web design
  • Search engine friendly
  • Dedicated developers for your project
  • Search engine friendly website
  • Customer contact form FREE
  • CMS (Content Managment System) Add/ Edit content on your website with out paying extra and with out experts help
  • Customer support via phone
  • Flash media
  • Multiple images to choose from, soursing and purchasing
  • Photo galleries (if needed)
  • Webmaster srvices

e-Commerce Development Team Offers
    Development services


We offer:
We provide hosting service arrangements for your e-Commerce website
Design and development of new ecommerce website
100% rebuild/redesign of an ecommerce website
Maintenance of existing website
Upgrade of existing website
    e-Commerce SEO


Wbizon does monitoring Search Engine Rankings via Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools & Others
We work on improving title tags, meta descriptions, product descriptions.
We build landing pages based on popular keyword terms.
Wbizon does sdding, improving or tweaking Google Adwords Campaigns.
    Magento design & usability


Wbizon experts offer monitoring and making improvements, modifications and testing to site navigation to improve customer conversion rate
Magento professionals provide installation of extensions .
Experts create and Improve design, layouts and navigation.


Our experts provide installing, configuring, communicating with any Margento 3rd party extension developers.
We recognize potential opportunities and extensions to assist with sem, seo on your Website.
Wbizon programmers offer modification of Blog or module installation.
    Imports, updates, sales and promotions


We offer Customer or/and Product Imports.
Monitoring Sales Cart reports.
We offer adding, modifying or deleting coupons and promotions.
We provide services with adding images to the site, creating and/or improving layout of new products, featured products, bestsellers or reviews.
    Social media


We are assisting in the management of newsletters
We provide support with automating feeds to twitter and facebook…
    Tools for you


100% site/content management
Build in marketing tools and SEO readiness
Catalog management
Catalog search
Credit cart processing
Product management
Shipping and sales tax options
Order tracking
Customer tracking
E-mail notification
Invoice, shipping, payment and order managment
Analitics & reporting
Products upload


Content, product images, need to be provided by clients.

In case of additional items are presented to developer that can add to costs, are always quoted on a case-by-case basis: custome programming, custome complex forms, script installations, database development and implementation, image editing, videos, and other multifarious features.

If you have any questions please contact us at 561.305.3330 or info@wbizon.com

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