Why to have a mobile website?

Do you know that in the world today there are almost 6 BILION mobile phone users ! Close to 1.3 BILLION browse Internet through there mobile phone. Ant this one of the reasons why you have to have mobile website. And Smartphones are outselling PCs. There will be more mobile vs web users in 2 years. 43milion people are checking their E-mails daily via mobile phone.

It is certain that our mobile devices have become important tool of daily life with research showing that most people keep their mobile phone within two feet whilst others admit to sleeping side by side to their handsets. This simple fact states that mobile web offers an outstanding opportunity to reach customers at anytime of the day or night and almost everywhere.

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Who will use your mobile website?

First and most important task towards successful mobile website is to understand who will use your mobile website. Mobile website users are viewing your mobile as they walking, working out, standing in line, having conversation with people. Their main focus at that moment is not necessarily your site therefore you have to present information quick and easy accessible.


  • 1. Better download speeds
  • 2. Give you a distinct edge to your company
  • 3. Expand your customer reach
  • 4. Enhance user experience
  • 5. Increase you brand awarenes
  • 6. Competition advantages

By not creating your mobile web, by not utilizing mobile web, you are missing on a lot of possibilities.

In some cases, when people visit your website via their mobile phone browsers, the limitations of those browsers often does not reflect the right experience that you created on their desktop browser. This is because mobile phone browsers are designed to lighten websites and as a result formatting tends to suffer. Simple- phones have small screens. Yes, your website could look beautiful on a computer screen, but when it is viewed on a 3.5" (or less) screen, it becomes hard to read and hard to navigate. On some phones, the same amount of data from your website will fill up their memory and stop page from loading. And that converts in to losing valuable customers and getting bad image

The solution for this problem is to create a dedicated Mobile website which draws data form your existing website but presents it in a lighter and more mobile browser friendly way. This gives you place for big navigation buttons, simplified text just for mobile phones. And therefore your users can navigate your site easily. And that increases the chances of sales and lets customers spend more time on your website. Also, it will also create possibility that customers far more likely to return and that is IMPORTANT for your business.

Some people actually mistaken mobile websites with mobile applications. Some people think that to have a presence on a device one must have to build an application. This is not the truth at all and in fact over time mobile browsers have reached higher level of more efficient at presenting web pages without major formatting errors.

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