Search Engine Optimization

We offer the most up-to-date services available.

It is the process of getting traffic for your website so your site could be listed on the top of the google, bing... search list. SEO is one of the most important processes a business can undertake for the duration of a search marketing campaign.

WE are experts at SEO and our exelent knowledge of on-page and off-page search engine optimization can ensure that your website achieves increased online visibility through improved rankings in the search engine results pages.

We offer a range of innovative, organic and sustainable SEO solutions that have improved businesses of all sizes from a range of niches improve their visibility in the search engine result pages.

At WBizon we offer a wide spectrum of services to our clients to meet all budgets and requirements. Please call us !

Our marketing team takes the strategies developed through our mutual efforts and apply them in a budgeted manner. As your visibility increases you can continue to add varies elements to increase targeted traffic.

Organic SEO Verses Pay Per Click SEO

Two most popular ways to generate traffic for your website are Organic search and PPC(pay per click). Organic search is based on free, natural rankings set by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices. On the other hand, paid search(PPC) requires you to pay to have your website/ad displayed on the search engine results page when someone types in particular keywords or phrases. The money you pay is based on either clicks or views of your ads.

First and most important factor is for you to understand positive and negative sides of each and only then decide what to choose. Also ask your self where will your site be in a year or later!


  • 85% or more of internet searches will click on organic search results prior to sponsored listings (PPC), so you will have more traffic for less money.
  • There is no payment for every visitor
  • Your investments for organic Search Engine Optimization will longer term results with out paying each time person clicks on your site.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process, but you will not have to invest 100-1000 of dollars every day


  • Weakness of organic search engine optimization is time required to generate traffic and tweak your website to get high rankings we desire. It can take from 2 weeks to 3 month or more to arrive to desired destination and enjoy the benefits of your organic Search campaign.
  • Sometimes traffic starts slowly, but over time it builds up.
  • Search engines are dynamic, there is no guarantee top ranking in search engines of all your key words, nor anyone can predict how much traffic it will bring.

  • Number one benefit is the fact that PPC will deliver an immediate boos of visitors, it will delivers fast results within hours or days.
  • PPC gives you an ability of fast website testing and track your conversion rates (leads, sales..) and most popular keywords(visitors).
  • In many cases the cost of PPC not as much as campaign will generate
  • No changes needed to your website


  • Each time someone clicks on your ad, it will cost you, 35% of pay per click are fraudulent.
  • The time you decide to stop paying, traffic stops.
  • Some searches overlook sponsored listings since they are ads, and go to Organic SEO
  • Testing is costly outside of PPC Campaign.
  • The cost could be tremendous if you are trying to be at top 10 spot
  • Your keywords, clicks & campaigns can get a lot of traffic and at the same time could cost hundreds and thousands per one day. Over the long term organic SEO will provide you better return on your marketing cost.

When to start thinking about SEO?

If you are thinking about an SEO, the earlier you start act the better. A great time to start thinking about SEO is when you are considering to redesign your Existing site, or planning to build new. That way, our SEO professionals can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. Also, keep in mind SEO certainly can improve an existing site.

Search Engine Optimization it is not just about "engines." It is about presenting your site better for people as well. We believe these principles go hand in hand.

Professionally build website will benefit not only your business, but also will make pleasant experience to your customers as well.

Our SEO ranking stratagies are:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Geographic targeting
  • External and internal link building
  • Online public relations
  • Hyper links optimization
  • Web marketing analytics
  • Google indexing and analytics incorporation
  • Text and images optimization
  • Site maps
  • Keyword research
  • Keywords in Title Tags
  • Description in the meta tag
  • Alt meta tags in product images
  • Keywords in the URL Strings
  • Robust product descriptions
  • Reporting

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