Why Magento Shopping Cart?

Magento Shopping Cart
Free/mo. Magento shopping cart is the obvious leader with 24.8 % of sites being attributed to the platform. 3.8% of the sites appear to be using Magento Edition that means that the number of companies moving to the platform is increasing.

2011 was obviously successful for Magento. The platform has been demonstrating its constant growth since its launch and it shows no sign of slowing. With the acquisition of Magento by eBay in the middle of 2011 and integrating it into X.commerce, the rating of Magento has actively been growing. Lots of companies have been joining the platform making it more powerful in the global marketplace competition.

Magento has more e-commerce stores (over 100,000) than any other platform.

Open API for extensions and growing open-source community means the platform and extensions will be improving. Additionally, integrations between WordPress and Magento are developing, since it operates on the same open source platform as WordPress and WordPress is the leading blogging/CMS platform while Magento is the leading eCommerce platform.

The platform is extending its leadership in the e-Commerce sphere. The new year is likely to be even better.

Shopify Shopping Cart
Standard plan is $50-$200/mo plus 1% transaction fee.
Cons: Advanced customization requires the use of its own programming language, .liquid. Transaction fees may be pricey for low-margin retailers.

BigCommerce Shopping Cart
Standard Plan is $50-300$/mo.
BigCommerce is recommended for retailers that want the same ease of set-up as Shopify, but are willing to sacrifice some aesthetics for better marketing, analytics, or avoiding transaction fees.

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